Wills And Trusts

The cost associated with estate planning is small compared with the actual costs of failing to plan. If, for example, you don't set up a living trust, then your loved ones may have to go through a complicated probate process during an already difficult time. Furthermore, if you don't make a plan for who gets what upon your death, the state will determine where it goes — not you. Take the time now to plan for the future and ensure all of your wishes are carried out.

At Brian Cochran Law Office, in La Mesa, California, we are pleased to offer our clients assistance with their estate planning. We can draft living trusts and wills for you to allow for the quick administration of your estate upon your death. Discuss how you can protect your family's financial future in a free 30-minute consultation by calling 619-567-5703 or contacting us online.

Living Trusts

A living trust is a legal device that allows the participants to avoid the necessity of petitioning the probate court to administer an estate. When properly funded, your estate is passed on to the next trustee who is able to follow your directives without any delay or further expense.

This can save your family thousands of dollars in estate administration costs and attorney's fees. Also, since your loved ones avoid probate, there is no statutory waiting period to complete the estate. This means bills can be paid and beneficiaries receive their distribution without delay.

Pour Over Wills

To assure our clients the best service, we also draft pour over wills. Pour over wills allow assets that have been left out of the trust estate to be placed back into the estate via probate. Thus, even if you forget to fully fund your trust estate, your wishes will be carried out.

Other Estate Planning Documents

We can also draft ancillary documents for you, such as:

  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Directive to health care professionals
  • Funding instructions
  • Certification of trust
  • Instructions against the use of extraordinary measures

Life Changes: Reviewing Estate Plans

We recommend you have a lawyer review your estate plan whenever a life-changing event such as a birth, death or divorce takes place. This is a way to give you peace of mind that your wishes for your property will be carried out.

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