At The Forefront Of Same-Sex Divorce Issues

California has been a leading state concerning the rights of same-sex couples. It was one of the first states to recognize same-sex unions through domestic partnerships (registered with the secretary of state). Then, the California Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriages and ordered county clerks to perform the marriages. Proposition 8 was passed by the voters to rescind this right, but after the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the case, same-sex marriage partners were granted all the rights that heterosexual couples are entitled to receive.

Under the California Family Law Act, there are provisions for both the dissolution of domestic partnerships and the dissolution of same-sex marriages. While many of the issues are the same for both heterosexual couples and same-sex couples, some unique issues are being litigated and discussed in the court system concerning same-sex parties.

We Have Successfully Litigated Same-Sex Divorce Cases

Our office keeps pace with all developing areas of the law and is proud to be at the forefront of these issues. Attorney Brian Cochran has successfully litigated cases at trial including custody, domestic violence, property division, spousal support, etc.

We also maintain a list of outside resources that can aid clients during this difficult time of their lives. We invite you to discuss your particular situation with us and allow us to guide you through an often difficult and very stressful time in your life. Arrange a free 30-minute consultation at our La Mesa law office by calling 619-567-5703 or filling out our online form.

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