Establishing Paternity

In California, more than one-half of all births take place outside of marriage. Legally, this means many children do not have a legal declaration of parentage, since the law requires a judgment of paternity to decide the issue between the parties and for the benefit of the child.

Judgments of paternity have far-reaching benefits for parents, children, siblings and grandparents. Thus, determining paternity is a vital issue to the families — as well as the state. In an area so important to the well-being of your children, you cannot afford to allow a less experienced lawyer handle your case. Either trying to handle such a case yourself, or using the family law facilitator is not adequate (learn more in our article about why you should hire an attorney.)

Legal issues regarding custody and child support are in effect until the child reaches majority. You owe it to yourself and especially to your child to make sure he or she is properly taken care of legally, just as you take care of your child's everyday needs. Call 619-567-5703 to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

A Father's Rights And Responsibilities

When paternity is established, the father gains rights and responsibilities to his child, including:

  • Custody and visitation rights
  • Responsibility to pay child support, potentially including medical insurance and day care costs
  • Rights to help make decisions vital to the child's life, including decisions regarding religion and education

In the absence of a marriage, all of these issues can be addressed in a paternity action. At Brian Cochran Law Office in La Mesa, we are prepared to negotiate or litigate all issues regarding paternity, child custody, child support, as well as attorney's fees and costs.

Brian Cochran has litigated thousands of hearings and trials concerning all of these issues. For your child's sake, make sure you hire a fully qualified family law specialist by calling 619-567-5703 or contacting us online.

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