Experienced With Complex And High-Asset Divorce

Attorney Brian Cochran has been litigating family law cases in the San Diego Superior Court system since 1981. During that time, he has tried matters of child custody, child support, spousal support, domestic violence, paternity, tracing of assets, debts and property. All of these issues are extremely important to your family and our law office. One area of special concern due to the amount of litigation it often entails is that of the high-asset case.

A high-asset case may concern real estate holdings, personal business interests, professional businesses and corporations, partnerships, and other assets not usually seen in most divorces/family law cases. These types of cases are very often labor intensive due to the value of the estate and the volume of information needed to adequately brief the court.

There is no question that such cases demand the retention of the most qualified legal counsel. It is essential in this type of case to formulate a plan of litigation early and to prepare any necessary experts and forensic accountants. Brian Cochran maintains professional relationships with the individuals and companies vital to the successful presentation to the court.

Private Judges In High-Asset Cases

In complex matters and high-asset cases, it is often both cost effective and time effective to use the services of a private judge. Brian Cochran has used various retired judicial officers both for settlement purposes and for private judging.

Coordinating with a private judge can streamline the discovery process and assure that your most personal financial data does not become public. This can be especially important to business relations and to secure both your own privacy and that of the business involved.

Trust Your Case To A Certified Family Law Specialist

Brian Cochran is a Certified Family Law Specialist. Legal specialization requires him to prove he has a strong history in negotiations, hearings and trials. Mr. Cochran also had to pass a special bar exam and a peer-review process. Due to the difficult demands of becoming a specialist, only a small percentage of attorneys in California have this distinction.

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