Domestic Violence Concern? Don't Face It Alone

Thousands of domestic violence cases are filed each year in San Diego. In every case, the charged person is entitled to a full evidentiary hearing on the facts. Trials are very stressful, especially when dealing with extremely personal issues of violence in the home.

It is nearly impossible to represent yourself in a domestic violence case. Whether bringing the allegations or defending against them, the issues are so emotionally charged, it is difficult to present the case and assure the proper outcome.

Attorney Brian Cochran
, a Certified Family Law Specialist in La Mesa, California, has conducted hundreds of domestic violence hearings in his career. Our office understands the pressure the parties are under, and works to assure every protection under the law is taken.

Don't Let Inexperience Or Fear Stop You From Seeking Help

Instead, call 619-567-5703 for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your domestic violence/restraining order case. You can also send us an email. Our office stands ready to assist you in this sensitive and difficult time.

Let Us Handle Your Case For A Flat Fee

Brian Cochran Law Office can handle all the paperwork for your case at a flat rate. This can potentially end up saving you a very significant amount of money over a law firm that charges hourly rates for these matters. To learn whether your domestic violence case qualifies for our flat fee service, feel free to contact us today.

What Is The Domestic Violence Prevention Act?

Whether drugs and alcohol are involved or some other factor, the prevalence of domestic violence simply cannot be ignored by the court. The Domestic Violence Prevention Act is a powerful tool used by the court to maintain the peace and try to assure that all parties and children remain safe.

While limited in scope to the violence in a case, a finding of domestic violence can affect child custody, support issues as well as the constitutional rights of the offending party. This is yet another reason why it is vital to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

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