We Have Handled Thousands Of Child Custody Cases

One of the most difficult issues to deal with in the legal system is child custody. No other issue so touches our lives as that of where our children live and whom they spend time with. Whether there is a dispute as to the primary residence of the child, a complex move-away issue, trouble concerning visitation transfers, education, medical care or even social concerns such as religion, we have handled all such issues and many more.

Our attorney, Brian Cochran, is a Certified Family Law Specialist in La Mesa, California. With an undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego, in sociology, he understands the complex social and psychological issues faced in custody cases. Many family law attorneys will not prosecute child custody matters outside of divorce/dissolution. It is a very complex and difficult area of the law. Whether dealing with Family Court Services, local mental health professionals or the judiciary, Brian Cochran has more than 30 years of experience in the local San Diego court system. Mr. Cochran has handled literally thousands of child custody cases over that period of time.

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Putting Children First In Custody Decisions

The area of child custody and visitation has changed dramatically over the past 30 years. There has been an increasing trend toward joint physical custody in our courts. However, these issues must be decided based upon the stability for the child, the ongoing relationship of the child and parent, the work and school schedules involved, as well as any health and social issues that may arise. This is an area where hiring a very experienced lawyer is vital.

In Our Courts: Move-Away Cases And Grandparent Visitation

One of the most difficult issues concerns the move-away case. Whether you are the parent seeking to move or the parent who wants the child to remain in San Diego, Mr. Cochran is prepared to advise you on the current state of the law after the cases of Burgess and LaMusga, which deal directly with when a move away can be granted and what the burden of proof shall be.

Another issue that has gained in importance and is often seen in our courts is the issue of grandparent visitation or even custody. From the leading U.S. Supreme Court case of Troxel, to the cases decided locally, Mr. Cochran is prepared to offer the best professional legal representation in your custody case, at a fair and reasonable fee.

In addition to trying numerous child custody and visitation issues in the Superior Court, Mr. Cochran has argued child custody and visitation issues at the Fourth District Court of Appeal, working hard for his clients at every stage of their cases.

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